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WGOD Radio, with Dr. Paul W. Esposito is produced by Stauros Ministries of Merritt Island, Fl. We teach the New Testament verse by verse through a daily, 15 minute radio broadcast and podcast.

Today on the WGOD Radio broadcast, we see the loosing of the 6th seal, and an earthquake. Also we look at this same event from the vantage point of Planet Earth, Matthew 24:29-31.



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Preached at Island Community Church on Oct. 26th.

Taken from Matthew 25. Each of us have been given some talent from the Lord Jesus Christ, and we have been commissioned to be about His work until He returns.

How are you doing with your talents?


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Today we continue in Rev 6, with some more thoughts on intolerance of spiritual things. 

Join us!


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Today on the WGOD Radio broadcast, we continue in Revelation chapter 6. At the opening of the 5th seal, we see the souls of some people who were killed because of:

1. Their Bibles

2. The testimony of their Savior.

Some things never change!

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Preached at Island Community Church on Oct. 19th.
In today's message from the Word of God, Jesus gives a parable urging people to be ready for His return; and the consequences for not being ready.


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Today on the WGOD Radio weekend edition, we look at the upcoming 2 witnesses of Revelation chapter 11.

Join us!

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Today on WGOD Radio, the Lord Jesus looses the 5th seal, and we see people in heaven who were killed for their testimony.

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I remember the name--was it a book, or a movie? "Death Rides a Horse."

Today on WGOD Radio, we will see the literal fulfillment of that phrase.

Join us!

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Preached at Island Community Church on Oct. 12th.

Taken from Luke 17, Jesus tells us that as things were in the Days of Lot (Genesis 19), so it will be when He returns.


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Today on the WGOD Radio broadcast, we are introduced to horse and rider number 3, who brings with him famine.


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